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3 steps to cope with teeth pain due to cold weather outside

Let me tell you 3 steps to cope with teeth pain you may be suffering due to cold weather outside: Step #1: YOU GOT TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR ENAMEL Step #2: DON’T INGNORE – PAY ATTENTION TO ACUTE PAIN Step #3: KEEP YOUR MOUTH WARM WHEN OUTDOORS How? Let’s dive right in… Cold

Show Yourself Some LOVE this Valentine’s Day!

Around Valentine’s Day, we often get caught up thinking about the important people in our life. Maybe you’re focused on your significant other or are on the hunt for the perfect cards for your children to share at school. Heck, maybe you’re just looking forward to ordering some takeout and enjoying some uninterrupted

Dental Sealants For Children

Sealants are a fast and easy way of protecting your child’s teeth that act as barriers to cavity-prone areas. They are usually applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth and sometimes used to cover deep pits and grooves. Both primary and permanent teeth can benefit from sealants. Toothbrushes Cannot Reach Everything Thorough brushing

TVDC To Provide Free Kids Cleanings And Fluoride At February 19th-22nd Event!

Each February, National Children’s Dental Health Month is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of oral health. This month-long health observance brings together thousands of dedicated dental professionals, healthcare providers, and educators across the world to promote the benefits of good oral health to children, their caregivers, teachers and many others. Towne

Smile, You Are On A Date!

Would you date someone with a weird smile? How about a  missing tooth? While most people would agree that appearances aren’t everything, with the rise of online dating it’s now easier than ever to swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ based on a cursory glance at a person’s profile picture. And it seems we’re becoming

Brushing for Two: How Your Oral Health Affects Baby

Being a mommy-in-the-making means all sorts of sacrifice. During this time, a mom-to-be can get so focused on making everything perfect for her little one that she can neglect her own health. But, a mom who cares for herself is also caring for her unborn child—that’s especially true when it comes to oral

Tongue-Tie In Infants & Young Children

Up to 10% of the population has some form of tongue-tie (ankyloglossia, tight frenulum). In this video, Anna K. Meyer, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatric Otolaryngology at the University of California in San Francisco, explains why it is important to talk with your doctor if your child’s feeding, speech development, or oral health

Is Dark Chocolate Good For Your Teeth?

Studies show that dark chocolate is effective at fighting cavities, plaque and tooth decay.   Dark chocolate is a good source of polyphenols, natural chemicals that can limit oral bacteria. They are also able to neutralize microorganisms that cause bad breath and prevent some bacteria from turning sugar and starches into acid, which

When Children Begin To Lose Their Baby Teeth

Erupting permanent teeth cause the roots of baby teeth to be reabsorbed so that by the time they are loose there is little holding them in place beside a small amount of tissue. Most children lose their baby teeth in this order: Baby teeth ordinarily are shed first at about age 6 when

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