Pediatric (Children’s) Dentistry

Protecting Your Child’s Oral Health With Children’s Dentistry In Flower Mound

One way we make dental care more convenient for our patients is by welcoming the whole family to our dental office. We know how important it is to establish the right attitude towards dental health at a young age, and Dr.Roopam Garg and her team have years of training and experience offering pediatric dental care. In some cases, young patients may benefit from treatment offered by a pediatric dentist, but for the most part, kids are well served establishing a relationship with a family dentist form a young age.

Nothing is more precious to you than your child. At Towne View Dental Care we understand how important it is that we provide your child with excellent dental care with a gentle touch. We also understand how important it is that we take steps to allay your child’s anxieties about visiting the dentist. We can take steps during your child’s dentistry appointments to set their mind at ease and instill an appreciation for oral health care that will last throughout his or her entire life.

We can begin children’s dentistry care for your child as early as three years old. During your child’s first visit, we will count their teeth and perform a gentle cleaning. As they age, we can provide dental sealants to protect against cavities (children tend to take some time learning to be truly thorough with their oral hygiene routines, so they need a little extra help keeping decay to a minimum). We will also provide your child with guidance regarding brushing, flossing, and nutritional choices that support optimum oral health.


We Offer A Number Of Treatments That Develop With Your Little One’s Smiles Including:

A thin coat of plastic that seals out bacteria protecting smiles.

Fortify tooth enamel by attracting minerals that rebuild teeth that are constantly under attack by bacteria and plaque

Space Maintainers

Losing teeth is a part of growing up for most kids, but in some instances, children lose their teeth too early which may lead to dental drift blocking their developing adult tooth from erupting in its ideal location. Space maintainers placed in the vacated socket prevent this drift preserving the proper alignment of the developing adult tooth. The process is simple and painless, and we offer a number of styles to fit any need or preference. We’re happy to schedule appointments for the whole family to help you save time by avoiding numerous appointments at multiple dental offices. ​Contact us​​ to find out more about pediatric dentistry or schedule your appointment today.


Stainless Steel Crowns

While we typically recommend more cosmetically appealing restoration materials for adults, stainless steel crowns are often the best solution for younger patients who still have their primary as they offer the most durable material to protect damaged teeth from further injury. Additionally, though your little one’s smile will be marred for a short time, the primary tooth will be lost, so the slight cosmetic flaw will be short lived. Some young patients display warning signs of sensitivities or allergies to metals, and may not be able to receive stainless steel restorations. Please let our team know if your child has ever experienced allergic reactions to metals.



When young patients who still have primary teeth experience tooth decay that reaches in the inner, pulp layers of teeth, we may recommend the removal of the pulp sometimes referred to as a pulpotomy. Similar to a root canal, pulpotomies remove the pulp and nerve from the central portion of the tooth, but unlike root canal therapy the goal is not to restore the tooth. Instead, we focus on removing infected dental pulp and preventing additional decay and maintaining the space necessary for the underlying adult tooth.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Amalgam fillings were the go to cavity treatment for adults and kids for decades, but in recent years, dentists have started to move away from these filling materials in children and adults alike because amalgam fillings may present a number of oral health concerns in addition to their less than ideal appearance. Amalgam fillings expand and contract with changes in temperature possibly cracking healthy dental structure or breaking away from the tooth over time, and because there is a layer of cement between the tooth and filling, the risk of future decay increases. Tooth colored, composite resin fillings were once thought to be less durable, but actually, since they are not sensitive to temperature changes and they are applied directly to the damaged tooth, the results are more durable lasting just as long or longer than amalgams with reduced risk of additional dental decay or damage.

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