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I Need Dental Checkup & Cleaning

Preventive Dentistry – Flower Mound, TX

Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime

We at Towne View Dental Care strongly believe in “Prevention is better than cure”. We offer a myriad of services to protect and maintain your optimal level of oral health. To learn more about safeguarding your family’s teeth and schedule an appointment, contact us today.

What differentiates Towne View Dental Care from others when it comes to Preventive Dentistry?

Serving Flower Mound since 1998

Fun, friendly, & relaxed atmosphere

Hi-Tech facility & best in class equipment

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Regular Dental Checkups and cleanings for whole family are must

Dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings are the foundation of any preventive dentistry plan. At Towne View Dental care we recommend patients visit us every six months to prevent the most common oral health concerns and allow our team to diagnose and treat dental issues in their earliest stages for conservative treatment. Our team performs an extensive examination for signs of common oral health issues like cavities, gum disease, teeth grinding, TMJ issues, and oral cancer. During cleaning we remove plaque, and tartar from surfaces of teeth which are sources of infection.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are quick and easy way to protect your teeth

Dental Sealants are quick, effective and easy way to protect your teeth from developing delay. Sealant it is a thin, protective coating that adheres to the chewing surface of your back teeth. It hardens into invisible barrier keep cavities from forming Sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of decay by nearly 80% in molars which is critical when it comes to your child’s dental health.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Nightguards for Bruxism - jaw clenching and teeth grinding in sleep

For people suffering from bruxism – a condition that is responsible for nocturnal jaw clenching and teeth grinding – wearing a mouth guard reduces the rate of clenching and grinding during the night. Wearing a mouth guard in the night can also provide relief from painful symptoms of bruxism such as chipped teeth, jaw pain, headaches, and reduced quality and duration of sleep. When getting any kind of mouth guard, it is best to get one that has been professionally made just for you. At Towne View Dental Care will be delighted to make a mouthguard for your night use.

TMJ/TMD Treatment

TMJ or TMD could be developed due to long term clenching of the teeth

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ/TMD) are problems affecting your temporomandibular joint or the hinge between your jaw and temporal bones. You may develop TMD due to several reasons such as trauma to the jaw through long-term grinding or clenching of the teeth (bruxism) or direct injury to the jaw. Common symptoms include you jaw feeling stiff or it getting stuck while opening or closing. If you’re experiencing any chronic pain in your jaw, head, face, or neck, or team can diagnose the issue and offer conservative treatment options.

Mouthguards / Sportsguards

Custom crafted athletic mouth guard for protection while playing sports

Patients who participate in sports should protect their teeth by wearing a custom crafted athletic mouthguard during any game or match. While most patients know it’s a good idea to wear a sportsguard during contact sports like football and hockey, there are a number of athletics patients may not realize put their smiles at risk for damage including cycling, swimming, and tennis. Unlike store bought mouthguards, our custom crafted sportsguards are more comfortable increasing the odds patients will consistently wear the protective oral appliances.

Oral Cancer Screening

Every year one should get Oral Cancer screening

Our team at Towne View Dental Care are proud to do an oral cancer screening for you. Cancer occurs as a result of the uncontrollable growth of cells that cause damage to the tissues around the area. Oral cancer manifests as a sore or growth in the mouth that lingers for a long time. Oral cancer is also known as mouth cancer. Oral cancer screening is the examination of the mouth by a doctor or dentist to detect signs of cancer or precancerous conditions. Oral cancer screening serves to detect abnormal cells or precancerous lesions in your mouth that may develop into oral cancer at an early stage and curb them easily.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment helps in fortifying tooth enamel hence extending life of teeth

Fluoride is a mineral integral to fortifying tooth enamel. Regularly ingesting foods naturally higher in fluoride like eggs and vegetables and drinking fluoridated water are essential to helping children develop strong, healthy primary and adult teeth. Once we have our full set of permanent teeth, fluoridated toothpastes and mouth rinses are essential because topically applying fluoride is the only way to enhance enamel strength. Ingested fluoride only provides strength to developing teeth, so once teeth are in place (either permanent or primary), topical fluoride treatments at our dental practice attract strengthening minerals to teeth.

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    I Have Cavity or Broken Tooth

    Restorative Dentistry – Flower Mound, TX

    Strong & Beautiful Smile Repair

    Do you have one or more teeth in need of a little TLC? Even a minor cavity or chip can spell big trouble for someone’s appearance and oral health, but at My Flower Mound Dentist, we have the solutions local families need to rebuild their smiles. Using restorations made of strong, lifelike materials, we can make practically any dental problem disappear behind pristine white enamel, quickly turning it into a distant memory. If you’re in need of a little smile repair, be sure to contact us today.

    Why Choose Towne View Dental Care for Restorative Dentistry?

    Team led by 3 expert dentists

    Only use the latest technology & techniques

    Patients of all ages welcome

    Tooth Colored Fillings

    Tooth-colored fillings enable our team to fix minor cavities without altering the appearance of a tooth, which is virtually impossible with traditional silver fillings. These are made of a composite resin material we can match to any patient’s enamel so that the restoration practically disappears within the mouth. Tooth-colored fillings also require less enamel to be removed while being placed compared to regular fillings, helping a tooth maintain its natural strength so it’s guaranteed to last longer.

    Dental Crowns

    For teeth in need of serious saving, dental crowns can come to the rescue. Designed to look and function just like natural teeth, these restorations literally fit over the top of a damaged tooth in order to protect it and make it like new again. We primarily use them to repair large cavities, put broken teeth back together, fortify root canal treated teeth, and even replace missing teeth with dental implants.

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      I lost One or More Teeth

      Replace Missing Teeth – Flower Mound, TX

      Reclaim Your Complete Smile

      Nothing reveals just how important your teeth are to your day to day life than when one or more goes missing. Suddenly, simple things like eating, speaking, and even smiling feel awkward and difficult, turning enjoyable things into sources of anxiety. If you’re ready to close the gaps in your smile, My Flower Mound Dentist has the solutions you need. We can design a treatment for your unique situation so you end up with a strong, beautiful, and healthy set of teeth you’ll be able to trust whether you’re greeting a friend or biting into your favorite food. To learn more about how we can rebuild your smile, contact us today.

      Why Choose Towne View Dental Care for Tooth Replacement?

      Treatments specially-designed for every patient

      Advanced materials that look natural & are built to last

      CareCredit financing makes every treatment affordable

      Dental Bridges

      Dental bridges could be used to fill the gap left by 1 to 3 missing teeth

      A dental bridge is named after the fact that it literally bridges the gap left by 1 to 3 missing teeth in a row. Two dental crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the absent ones, and these are bonded to the prosthetic teeth that close the space. Bridges not only restore the smile’s appearance, but bring back normal chewing function as well, plus they help prevent the neighboring teeth from shifting out of place.

      Partial & Full Dentures

      Strong, comfortable and natural looking custom designed dentures

      Dentures have literally been used for thousands of years to replace several missing teeth at the same time, and thankfully, they have evolved quite a bit since the days of George Washington! Strong, comfortable, and natural-looking, our custom-designed dentures can bring back a patient’s bite and appearance at the same time. Whether you have remaining teeth or need an entire row replaced, we’ll ensure you walk out of our dental office with a full and beautiful smile.

      Dental Implants

      Dental implants can replace an entire tooth both above and below the gum line

      Dental implants are truly unique in the world of dentistry because they do something no other treatment can: replace an entire tooth both above and below the gum line. The end result is a restoration that is practically indistinguishable from a natural tooth in both form and function. We can use them to replace just one tooth or secure a full denture, and with minimal maintenance, they can easily last for 30 years or more.

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        I would like to Enhance My Smile

        Cosmetic Dentistry – Flower Mound, TX

        Come Get Your Confident Smile

        You don’t need to be a dentist to know that a beautiful smile can do so much more for a person than simply help them look good. When someone has perfectly white teeth, they’re usually filled to the brim with confidence, and with confidence, a person can accomplish just about anything. However, if you find that your smile consistently makes you feel self-conscious because of noticeable flaws, know that none of them have to be permanent. With cosmetic dentistry, our team can improve the shape, size, color, and spacing of your teeth to whatever you desire, ensuring that your smile always makes the right first impression. To learn more about your options and get started today, give us a call.

        Why Choose Towne View Dental Care for Cosmetic Dentistry?

        Get anything from a minor touch-up to a dramatic makeover

        Treatments designed to both look great & stand the test of time

        Kind, friendly, & highly-skilled team

        Porcelain Veneers

        Porcelain Veneers can fix multiple imperfections with just one simple procedure

        Porcelain veneers are amazing because they can fix multiple imperfections with just one simple procedure. Whether a person has stains, chips, cracks, gaps, or all of the above, veneers can instantly give someone a big, bright, and beautiful set of teeth. They work by placing extremely thin ceramic shells over the front of the teeth that are designed to look like pristine white enamel. They are always custom-made, and in just two appointments, you can enhance a single tooth or get an entire set to achieve a complete transformation.

        Metal Free Dental Restorations

        Metal free restorations using Porcelain crowns and bridges

        While silver and gold crowns might be OK for the back teeth that can’t be seen in the smile, what if we need to repair one of the front teeth? In this situation, we only use metal-free restorations. These crowns and bridges are made of 100% dental porcelain that is shaded to perfectly match a patient’s enamel color. Of course, these restorations don’t just look good, but they are extremely strong as well, helping a patient recover both their appearance and bite at the same time.

        Dental Bonding

        Small stain, chip or gap can be removed using dental bonding

        Tired of seeing that small stain, minor chip, or thin gap every time you smile? If so, cosmetic bonding can make it virtually disappear in just an hour or less. Your dentist will cover the flaw with a composite resin that has been colored to match the rest of your tooth, and then they’ll literally sculpt it to look like healthy enamel. The end result is a flawless looking tooth, and you can trust the results to last for up to 10 years!

        Teeth Whitening

        In office and take home teeth whitening helps you get brighter smile

        Whether due to coffee, wine, tea, tobacco, or natural aging, there are plenty of reasons why your teeth might not be as white as you want them. Whatever the case may be, our professional whitening treatments can easily bring back the luster to your smile. With either a quick in-office treatment or custom-made kit you use at home, we can help you make your teeth 6-8 shades brighter right before your eyes. And, unlike a typical store bought treatment, your teeth won’t feel more sensitive afterward!

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          I am Looking for Dentistry for Children

          Children's Dentistry – Flower Mound, TX

          Gentle & Comprehensive Care for Growing Smiles

          At My Flower Mound Dentist, nothing makes us happier than to put a child onto the path to a lifetime of optimal oral health. From toddlers to teenagers and everyone in between, any growing smiles you have at home are always welcome to our dental office. Here, they’ll receive high-quality care specifically tailored to their unique needs, and we’ll ensure that they form healthy habits that will serve them well into adulthood. To schedule your child’s next appointment, contact us today.

          Why Choose Towne View Dental Care for Children’s Dentistry?

          Fun & friendly staff

          Children of all ages welcome

          State-of-the-art facility & highly-skilled team

          Children’s Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

          Kids regular dental checkups and teeth cleaning

          Routine checkups with your child enable us to keep a close eye on their teeth and gums so we can take care of problems quickly as well as monitor your child’s oral development. The earlier we catch an issue, the easier it will be to correct. Cleanings serve a dual purpose as well, as they help protect your child from cavities and give our team a chance to explain the basics of good oral hygiene.

          Dental Sealants

          Avoid risk of cavities with dental sealants

          Dental sealants are an excellent way to keep a child’s teeth healthy while they are still learning to brush. We most often use them on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth because they are at the highest risk of developing cavities due to their location and wide, uneven surfaces. We simply apply a thin, clear layer of composite resin to the enamel, and it quickly hardens into an invisible barrier that completely blocks plaque, food particles, and acids.

          Fluoride Treatment

          Fluoride treatment provides extra protection from cavities

          Fluoride is great for the teeth no matter someone’s age, but it’s especially useful for children because regular exposure can help with the formation of their adult teeth even before they come in. Children also benefit from an extra dose of cavity protection because they may not brush consistently and regularly enjoy sugary snacks/drinks. That’s why, at your child’s regular checkup, we’ll end the appointment with a topical fluoride treatment that only takes about a minute.

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            I Want A Straighter Smile

            Orthodontics – Flower Mound, TX

            Your Place for Straighter, Healthier Smiles

            Straightening your teeth may seem like it will just improve your appearance, but it can also boost your oral health at the same time! Properly aligned teeth have fewer places for plaque to become trapped and cause cavities, which goes a long way in helping someone enjoy a strong and beautiful smile year after year. Even better, we’re able to offer treatments that are specially designed to save patients time and not alter their daily appearance, making it easier than ever for someone to get the perfectly straight smile they’ve always wanted. To learn more and schedule a consultation, contact us today.

            Why Choose Towne View Dental Care for Orthodontics?

            Straighter teeth without metal braces

            Save time & see results sooner with Fastbraces

            Kind, friendly, & highly-experienced team

            FREE Consultation
            Call Today

            An invisible solution to straighten teeth.

            a Consult
            Today Arrow icon


            Invisalign nearly invisible aligners

            Instead of noticeable brackets and wires, patients using Invisalign just have to wear a series of nearly invisible aligner trays to shift their teeth into the perfect positions. Adults love it because it allows them to maintain their professional appearance while getting the treatment they need. Plus, the trays are easily removable as well, meaning a patient can maintain their normal diet and brushing habits the entire time.

            Clear Aligners

            Clear Aligners

            Clear aligners helps you achieve your best smile! Unlike metal braces, clear aligners have no sharp edges so they are more comfortable and affordable. Nobody can tell you’re wearing them unless you tell them. Clear aligners will not interfere with your daily routine. You can still eat, brush, and floss just like you normally would. The average time for most patients is 6 months.

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              I am Worried About Gum Disease

              Gum Disease Treatment – Flower Mound, TX

              Protecting Your Smile’s Foundation

              As important as your teeth are to your oral health, your gums matter just as much! If too much plaque and bacteria are allowed to accumulate on them, they can actually develop an infection called gum disease. Redness, swelling, and bleeding are common early symptoms, and without professional treatment, it can eventually lead to tooth loss! If your gums have been feeling a little more sensitive lately, you can trust the My Flower Mound Dentist team to provide the targeted treatment you need to protect your smile. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us today.

              Why Choose Towne View Dental Care for Gum Disease Treatment?

              Gum screenings performed at every checkup

              Specialty cleanings remove infection at the source

              Enjoy fast & painless laser gum treatments

              Scaling and Root Planing

              Scaling and root planing is focused on gum line and roots of the teeth and helps avoid gum disease

              A scaling and root planing treatment is similar to a regular dental cleaning, except it is solely focused on the gum line and roots of the teeth. For the scaling portion, a small ultrasonic cleaner will be used to remove any plaque deposits located around the roots of the teeth, which are the underlying cause of gum disease. We’ll then gently smooth out the rough surfaces of the roots in order to make it harder for plaque to gather on them in the future, lowering the chance of reinfection.

              Antibiotic Therapy

              Atridox antibiotic is applied to eliminate bacteria hiding in spaces between teeth and gums

              There are tiny spaces between your teeth and gums called periodontal pockets, and this is where gum disease bacteria tend to gather and multiply the most. They are very difficult to clean with regular tools, but we can reach them with topical antibiotic therapy. A medicine called Atridox is applied just below the gum line, and over the course of a week, it slowly dissolves and seeps down to eliminate even the most well-hidden bacteria.

              Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

              Soft tissue laser is used to eliminate harmful bacteria along the gum line

              Our soft tissue laser gives us the ability to quickly eliminate harmful bacteria from along the gum line while keeping a patient completely comfortable. The concentrated beam of light instantly vaporizes the bacteria, all the while leaving the surrounding healthy gum tissue untouched. The instrument emits almost no heat, sound, or vibration as well, which is why many patients don’t even need local anesthetic during this kind of procedure!

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                I am in Pain or Have an Emergency

                Preventive Dentistry – Flower Mound, TX

                Expert Dental Care when You Need It

                When you or your loved one is suffering with severe tooth pain or a dental injury, you want relief right away! Fortunately, with our team at Towne View Dental Care, help is always easily available. No matter the situation, you can contact our team and schedule an appointment with the trusted emergency dentist in Flower Mound, TX, often on the same day. We’ll be here to address the problem quickly and help you get back to your normal activities without having to worry about pain.

                1. Please call us asap to schedule your Free Visit and let the receptionist know the nature of the emergency.
                2. On arrival you will be taken for an exam by the doctor and we will diagnose the nature of the emergency.
                3. Depending on situation, either we would schedule the treatment or offer same day treatment. Be assured we would leave no stone unturned to make you feel better.

                Why Choose Towne View Dental Care for Emergency Dental Treatment?

                Same-day appointments for emergency patients

                State-of-the-art facility filled with the latest technology

                Experienced team that has seen & done it all

                $59 Emergency Visit
                For New Patients

                CALL US TODAY 972-874-7870


                How to Handle Dental Emergencies

                Dental emergency for sever Toothache or Tooth pain

                A dental emergency can come in the form of a sudden accident or a toothache that seemingly appears out of nowhere, and in either case, you should seek out professional help as soon as you can. When you call My Flower Mound Dentist, our team will walk you through first-aid tips over the phone, and we’ll work to schedule an appointment so we can help you right away. However, if you can’t make it straight to our dental office for any reason, the following tips can provide some temporary relief:


                An OTC medication can help manage any pain caused by a toothache, as can placing a 

                cold compress on the face in 10 minute intervals. Don’t put aspirin or anything similar directly on the gums, however, as this can lead to a chemical burn.

                Chipped/Broken Teeth

                Gently rinse the mouth with warm water and use a cold compress to manage any pain or swelling. Recover as many pieces of the tooth that you can, and if the remaining tooth has a rough edge that is bothering the inside of the mouth, cover it with either a piece of sugarless gum or dental wax.

                Knocked-Out Teeth

                Find the tooth, rinse it off with warm water, and try to place it back into its socket, holding it there by keeping the mouth closed. If this isn’t working, it can be stored either in the cheek or a container with milk. It’s important to move quickly in this situation, as we can only save a tooth within an hour or so after it has been dislodged.

                Lost Filling/Crown

                Try to find the restoration and rinse off any debris. Place it back onto the tooth, and if it won’t stay, see if a small dab of toothpaste helps. Don’t chew with the tooth until we can repair it, and if there is any sensitivity, an OTC medication can help.

                How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

                Prevent Dental emergency for sever Toothache or Tooth pain by taking precautions
                • Like playing sports? Great! Just make sure you wear a mouthguard every time to keep your teeth protected from unexpected impacts.
                • Can’t get a package open? Before you go after it with your teeth and chip one, go grab the scissors instead!
                • Enjoy chewing on ice, popcorn kernels, or other hard items? DON’T. This can lead to severely weakened and even broken teeth.
                • Keeping up with your daily oral hygiene can prevent the small problems that often turn into big emergencies later.

                Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

                Cost of treating dental emergency could vary depending on root cause

                Because there are so many types and severities of dental emergencies, there actually is no fixed price for urgent dental care. When you come to see us, our goal will be to get you out of pain before we address any damage. This may involve placing a small filling or removing and replacing multiple teeth. It all depends on the situation. In any case, our dental office can make these appointments much more affordable because we accept insurance, offer financing, and even have our own Membership Club.

                Emergency Dentistry FAQs

                Are you still unsure of how to handle a dental emergency? Knowing how to react quickly and effectively could be the difference between saving and losing one of your natural teeth. That’s why our emergency dentist in Flower Mound has collected and answered some of the most common questions we receive from patients below. Just remember to always contact our office for first-aid guidance and to schedule an appointment.

                How do I deal with noticeable facial swelling?

                If you notice that your face is swelling, it could be due to trauma or an infection. Both of these dental emergencies require immediate attention and treatment. If you’re having

                difficulty breathing or swallowing, you’ll need to visit your local emergency room right away, because the cause could be life-threatening. Otherwise, placing a cold compress on the outside of your face for ten minutes on and ten minutes off can help ease your discomfort as well as bring down any noticeable puffiness. Don’t put heat on the affected area of your face, because if the issue is caused by an infection, it will cause it to spread more quickly to surrounding areas of your mouth.

                Do I need a root canal?

                Many patients panic at the thought of needing a root canal because it has a notorious reputation for being painful. At Towne View Dental Care, we offer virtually pain-free and healing root canal therapy that allows us to minimize your pain and restore the health of your natural tooth. One of the most common needs for root canal treatment is a tooth infection. Most patients experience a severe throbbing toothache, pimple-like bump on their gums, or facial swelling when they have an infected root.

                What should I do if I broke or fractured my jaw?

                Unfortunately, our office isn’t equipped with the necessary equipment to handle a broken or fractured jawbone. In this case, the first place you should visit is your local emergency room for immediate medical attention, because a severe head injury can be life-threatening. Afterward, our team at Towne View Dental Care will be more than happy to restore your smile by repairing broken, damaged, or knocked-out teeth, so be sure to contact our office to schedule an emergency visit!

                What should I include in my dental emergency first aid kit?

                The best way to beat the stress of dental emergencies and reduce the risk for further damaging your mouth is to be prepared. One way you can do this is by having a handy and convenient dental emergency medical kit to quickly treat your problem and ease your pain. A well-stocked kit will include:

                • Latex-free sterile gloves.
                • Orthodontic wax.
                • Orajel.
                • Clove Oil (to help numb the gums).
                • Individually wrapped gauze pads.
                • Dental mirror.
                • Dental floss.
                • A sealable container.
                • Ibuprofen.

                If you would like more suggestions to be better prepared, speak with one of our emergency dentists during your next checkup and cleaning. Our team will be more than happy to help you feel more confident and prepared for anything that comes your way.

                Root Canal Therapy

                Severe root canal pain could lead to a dental emergency

                In many cases, a severe toothache is a symptom of an infection that, if left alone, could cause you to lose your tooth altogether and might even spread to other parts of your mouth and body. In these cases, root canal therapy can be used to remove any infected tissues and prevent further damage; this helps save your tooth for years to come and prevents you from needing to replace it with some type of dental restoration. Despite what you might have seen on television, this procedure is virtually painless thanks to modern dental technology and techniques. You can click here to see how much root canals can cost.

                Tooth Extractions

                At Towne View Dental Care, we do everything we possibly can to salvage natural teeth and restore your oral health. However, there are some situations in which the only way we can save you from experiencing additional problems down the road is to extract a tooth. Fortunately, our extraction procedure is designed to be as painless as possible so you won’t have anything to worry about. We also offer a variety of high-quality replacement tooth solutions so you can restore the function and look of your mouth.

                For wisdom tooth extractions we can refer you the best and most affordable specialist. We can also check if the tooth needs to be extracted or not. Want to know how much would it cost .

                Have Questions? Contact Us.