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8 tips to prevent toothache pain

A toothache is a pain in the tooth and gums that is brought on by infection, decay, or irritation of the root nerve. Tooth pain is avoided by cleaning the teeth and other structures in the mouth properly. Regular dental visits guarantee optimal oral health. A dentist keeps your teeth and gums healthy to stop dental problems from arising.

What is Toothache?

A toothache is a pain that affects the tooth, gums, and jaw. Tooth pain is a manifestation of tooth decay, an infection, or irritation of the nerve roots. Pain in Tooth ranges from minor to severe. Any toothache that persists for more than two days needs to be seen by a dentist right away.

8 Ways for Cleaning Teeth to Fight Toothaches

Cleaning the teeth properly stops toothaches from happening. Maintaining good oral health is the most effective way to avoid issues that cause tooth pain.

Here are the 8 ways for cleaning teeth to prevent tooth pain.

  1. Brushing your teeth. Brush your teeth at least two times daily to prevent dental plaque. Use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your teeth. 
  2. Flossing your teeth. Dental floss removes food particles lodged between the teeth. Floss at least once a day after brushing your teeth. 
  3. Rinsing with a non-alcoholic mouthwash. A non-alcoholic mouthwash keeps the whole mouth clean. A mouthwash with fluoride is effective in fighting tooth decay. 
  4. Cleaning your tongue. A tongue scraper is used to clean the tongue. A clean tongue prevents harmful mouth bacteria buildup. 
  5. Hydrating and eating healthy food. Frequent drinking of water helps clean the mouth particularly after eating sugary food. Include more vegetables and fiber-rich fruits in your diet to protect your teeth. 
  6. Using fluoride treatments. Fluoride protects the enamel of teeth against plaque.  Consult a dentist for the right fluoride treatment for you. 
  7. Using a dental sealant. A dental sealant is a coating that shields teeth against deterioration. Consult your dentist to determine if you need a dental sealant.
  8. Going to the dentist regularly. A dentist examines and fixes any potential issues with your teeth and gums. You need to visit the dentist every 6 months to make sure your teeth and other oral structures are healthy.

When to Go to the Dentist for Your Toothache?

Tooth pain lasting longer than 2 days requires a visit to the dentist. A prolonged and unbearable toothache is a sign of a more serious condition that needs immediate dental care. Schedule An Appointment with us at Towne View Dental Care for treatment of your Severe Tooth Pain.

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