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We want to do everything possible to make sure our patients have all of their questions answered. Whether you’re unsure if you need a specific treatment or you want to learn about the best ways to protect your oral health, Dr. Roopam is prepared to help in any way she can. Below, you can find the most frequently asked dental questions our dental office receives as well as our detailed answers! If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate from calling us directly!

Not many people know that even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, and even if your teeth may seem fine with a good glance in the mirror, your mouth may still harbor dental problems. These need to be detected at an early stage before it gets more serious. Doing so can help prevent more serious problems arising in the future. Therefore we recommend attending at least one checkup and cleaning appointment every 6 months so we can take care of any dental issues as early as possible. Besides that you should schedule an appointment with your dentist whenever you experience any problems with your teeth or mouth, such as pain or dysfunction.

Nothing is more precious to you than your child. At Towne View Dental Care we understand how important it is that we provide your child with excellent dental care with a gentle touch. We also understand how important it is that we take steps to allay your child’s anxieties about visiting the dentist. We can take steps during your child’s dentistry appointments to set their mind at ease and instill an appreciation for oral health care that will last throughout his or her entire life.

We can begin children’s dentistry care for your child as early as three years old. During your child’s first visit, we will count their teeth and perform a gentle cleaning. As they age, we can provide dental sealants to protect against cavities (children tend to take some time learning to be truly thorough with their oral hygiene routines, so they need a little extra help keeping decay to a minimum). We will also provide your child with guidance regarding brushing, flossing, and nutritional choices that support optimum oral health.

Yes surely we can help you with that. Instead of brackets and wires, our patients just have to wear a series of clear plastic aligner trays to correct their crooked and crowded teeth. They practically disappear when worn on the teeth, and you can take them off whenever you want to eat or brush. This treatment is much shorter than traditional braces! Check out Smiles Gallery to see actual results. Want to see if this treatment would be a good fit for you? If so, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

We do accept most PPO plans. You can view a complete list of plans we accept here. But even if she is not part of your network, she is still committed to your oral health. We will always provide the treatment you need, and we’ll be happy to help you file claims to your dental insurance company. We also offer In-House Dental Savings Plan as an Affordable alternative.

We offer In-House Dental Savings Plan as an Affordable alternative. Patients without insurance can redeem one of our special offers or sign up for our In-House Savings Plan. To join, you just pay one low annual fee, and then your basic dental care is covered for the entire year. You’ll also gain access to discounts on all other treatments in addition to several other benefits.

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