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A dental adjunctive procedure is a treatment that is done before, during, or after a dental procedure to make sure it goes well. It is also called a supplementary, additional, or subsidiary dental procedure.

Who needs an Adjunctive dental procedure?

For some people, an extra procedure may be needed to make sure that there is enough healthy bone around the implant. It also refers to supplementary orthodontic services.

What are the different types of Adjunctive procedures for dental implants?

The different types of procedures that go along with dental implants are:
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Gum Grafting
  • Bone Grafting

What is Adjunctive orthodontic services?

“Adjunctive orthodontic services” are extra orthodontic procedures that are often done at the same time as other necessary dental services. The main goal of supplementary orthodontics is to improve the dental health of the patient.

What are the different types of Adjunctive orthodontic services?

Well-known ancillary orthodontic services are palatal expanders, elastics, and retainers.

What are the perks of Adjunctive dental procedures?

Ancillary dental procedures help keep your mouth healthy by stopping cavities and pockets from forming in your gums. Also, it can improve the way your teeth look by making them more evenly spaced and making your smile brighter. The perks of adjunctive dental procedures include the following:
  • Enhanced dental health
  • Improved tooth position
  • Teeth that are straight and spaced out well
  • Aesthetic enhancements

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