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Tooth Extraction In Flower Mound

Tooth extraction Flower Mound is a common oral surgery requiring the extraction of one or more teeth from their mandibular sockets If you have a chipped, fractured, or decayed tooth, our professional at Towne View Dental Care will make an attempt to heal it with a filling, crown, root canal therapy, or another procedure. However, there are situations when the damage is too extensive to repair. In this case, it must be extracted in Flower Mound, TX. An abscessed tooth and a severely loose tooth must also be extracted if they cannot be preserved with a bone graft.

This useful guide will clarify the meaning of tooth extraction and what to expect as we discuss the definition, facts, and more information about having your tooth extracted.

Tooth Extraction Preparation

What should you inform your dentist before an extraction, and what should you expect during the procedure? Continue reading for a step-by-step breakdown of the extraction procedure. There are primarily two types of extractions:.

  • A simple one (also known as closed extraction) is performed on those that can be seen clearly in your mouth. These are rather prevalent. During the process, the doctor will loosen it with an elevator-like equipment. They will then remove it using a tool called as a forceps.
  • A surgical one (also known as open extraction) is more challenging. This occurs when it has broken off at the gum line or has not yet come in. Oral surgeons are the most common people who undertake surgical removals. They can, however, be performed by regular dentists as well. The doctor creates a tiny incision in the gums. In order to retrieve it, portion of the bone around it may need to be removed or split in half.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

The majority of minor treatments may be completed with simply an injection (a local anesthetic). Sedative medicines may be administered to you at times to help you relax. In order to pull a tooth surgically Flower Mound, TX, You are next given a local anesthetic, which is occasionally administered through a vein (intravenous). Steroids and other medications may be administered through the IV line if you are under conscious sedation. The steroids aid in the reduction of edema and discomfort following the surgery. Pressure, but not discomfort, might be expected throughout the process. You should notify your doctor if you have any pain.

When to call your dentist

A throbbing tooth or chronic discomfort in your mouth should be your first indication that you should see your dentist. Persistent tooth discomfort might indicate the existence of a cavity or a dental infection.

Dentists frequently reserve time slots for emergency patients, so you might be able to secure a same-day appointment. If your toothache occurs while you are unable to visit the dentist, the following solutions may give temporary relief:

Salt water rinse. Rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater rinse is one of the simplest ways to ease pain. Swish a few teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water for a few seconds before spitting it out. Warm water will assist relieve discomfort, and salt will temporarily decrease swelling in the gum tissue.

Cold compress. Holding a cold compress on the outside of the cheek may give brief comfort if there is edema in addition to the aching tooth. A cold compress can numb the region while also reducing swelling and irritation.

Toothache medications. While waiting for an emergency appointment, over-the-counter toothache treatments might assist ease pain.

Although home cures can give immediate comfort, they are not long-term options for mending damaged teeth. Read supernumerary teeth.

These can be affordable as dental insurance helps pay for tooth extraction Flower Mound, TX.

Our caring team at Flower Mound takes pride in giving safe tooth extractions. We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to pulling tooth in Flower Mound TX community. Furthermore, we are committed to improving the dental health of our patients, ensuring to cater to their specific dental needs, and helping you achieve a healthy, bright smile.

If you are in or near Flower Mound, TX, give us a call, especially if you are in pain or experiencing a dental emergency and need immediate attention. If you are nearby Flower Mound, visit us to book your next dental appointment. Find more on total cost of tooth extraction. We offer affordable and best low cost treatments in Flower Mound, TX. We accept patients in Flower Mound, Texas with or without insurance.

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FAQs About Teeth Pulling

How long after extraction can I eat?

For the first 24 hours following the extraction, you should only consume soft meals and beverages. You can return to your usual diet after a few days or whenever you feel ready.

Can I use toothpaste after the procedure?

Brushing your teeth is important to keep them clean, but no toothpaste should be used. Rinsing your mouth with toothpaste may help to dislodge the blood clot.


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